What is the order completion time?

In case of trucks departure from Poland happens every Friday. We arrive at the location on Sunday evening.
Cargoes to Dublin and Dublin County are delivered on Monday/Tuesday.
Cargoes to further places in Ireland and Northers Ireland arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday.
Departure from Ireland are scheduled on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday depending on location of unloading and loading.
In case of Buses, we adjust to our client`s needs, we depart every day of the week. We realize orders on Buses in 3 / 4 days.

Packaging and safety

    Goods must be properly packaged to ensure safe transport:
  • Goods can`t stick out of precinct of pallet (If dimension given to transport is pallets` dimension)
  • Don`t load goods on damaged pallets
  • Enter appropriate weight.

What rolling stock do we offer?

We offer a full range of vehicles among which surely, you`ll find appropriate for yourself.
Our fleet composition includes:
  • Tarpaulin Buses
  • Buses with loading lifts
  • Trucks with cargo capacity up to 15t
  • Curtain and mega type semi-trailer

How to pay for service?

Payment can be done via cash, transfer, card as well as Blik in EURO or PLN currency.

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